Volcano Anubius R230EXD is owned by Pizzaboy4853 (Phantom).

R Level:Silver


Long ago, in the town where Phantom was born and raised, there was a volcano filled with blazing magma. One day while Phantom went up to the volcano, an exciting event happened. The volcano erupted in a firey inferno. The volcano didn't harm the town or Phantom. But, when it stopped erupting, there was a beyblade on a rock pillar in the volcano's center. So Phantom got the beyblade and named it Volcano Anubius.


This face bolt depicts Anubis, the jackel headed Egyptian God of the Afterlife. It shows the head of Anubis facing to the left covered in flames with more detailed eyes. It also has two canes like the one that Anubis had. It is an orange anubis head and canes with red flames on a black backround.

Energy RingEdit

This version of Anubius is similar to the first. It has two jackel heads swirling around the face bolt only the everything except the head is flames. Inbetween the gap is a triangle point. It is crimson in color.

Fusion WheelEdit

This fusion wheel is similar to burn. It has the same thick design as burn but is more smooth. It only has two ridges that mirrior burn's only smaller. It also has the inside flame design.

Spin Track: Rubber 230Edit

This spin track is just like 230 only made of rubber. It is made to defend against a beys attack. Unlike R145, the rubber does not scrape the stadium and does not make the bey lose stamina, and or, sleep out.

Performance Tip: Eternal Xtreme DefenceEdit

This performance tip is specially made for stamina. It is just like EWD only larger for more effect. This gives the bey a fantactic stamina boost.

Special MovesEdit

Magma Crash: Anubius's beast is engulfed in flames and its cane turns to magma. Then, Anubius's beast slams the opponent with its cane from high in the sky.

Inferno Charge: Anubius's beast is covered in an arua of flames. Then, those flames form a ball around Anubius. Finally, Anubius charges at the opponent.

Volcano Blazing Blast: Anubius channels all of its power into the tip of its cane while anubius is engulfed in flames. Then, it sends a direct blast of pure flaming energy into the sky where it turns into a ball of power. Finally, Anubius jumps into the air and slams the ball down on the stadium where it hits the opponents bey's beast.

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